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 I am a PR friendly blogger, so if you are the owner of a company and wish to send me a product or talk about anything else then please email me.
If you would be interested in working with me, or offering my readers a discount or run a competition with me and my readers then please get in contact. 
Please remember that i only give honest reviews of the products i receive. I am happy to return items after i have reviewed them. However ideally i would prefer to keep them.
All my blogs are my own work,I always link to websites in which the product i am talking about has come from. All copyright is also shown, and linked to, Unless its my own.
The Best way to get hold of me is Via email -

Please click here to view the list of company's I have worked with. 

Sadly I have recently changed domain so this is my old one and im building up my new one, so will post that info in a few months time, Hope it helps. 

Stats - 


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