Thursday, 14 June 2018

Next Style with Sequins

Every who knows me, knows how obsessed i am with glitter and sequins, so this post is dedicated to my love for sequins. There is nothing i love better than wear something with a seuin, especial if its sunny or i am on a night out, or make my home more fun by adding some sparkling joyful sequins.

Here is some off the fabulous items that Next has too offer.

Sequin Bugs Velvet Cushion
velvet bug cushion £16 click here to buy
Sequin Rainbow Cushion
Rainbow Cushion £12 click here to buy

Black Sequin Rucksack
rucksack £16 click here to buy

Pink Sequin Cami
Sequin Cami other colours available size 6-26 £16 click here to buy  

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