Tuesday, 10 October 2017


So yet again it's spider month, and I hate it there so many creeping about my home , that I have too keep checking to see there isn't any lurking in my bed! 

However I find these little monsters amazing, I love how they all have amazing designs and make beautiful designs with there webs. 
I managed to save some from my washing g line by placing them in another spiders web, wasn't sure if the other spider was happy but at least I saved it.
What is it about these little creates that scare me and other people so much?

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  1. ooooO! My Goodness! No! Please don't put any spiders
    on another spiders web...HeHe! They will fight, and
    one will kill the other!
    My home is covered in Virgina Creeper...it is also
    covered with garden spiders..How many? God knows!
    And, yes, they are amazing! :).

    But! But! Indoors l have quite a few to..two spiders.
    one who lives in a pink bird house on the window sill
    of the dining room called Charlotte, and one in the
    front room window sill who lives in a small African
    hand carved barrel..who has never been named! Don't
    know why.
    I've had them both about 3yrs..I suppose l could
    have written a book by now! Charlotte is a character.
    Just this year she encountered a male...Oh! Oh! My!
    He stayed on her large web, most of the day, when l
    came down in the morning..he was 'legs up'...D~E~A~D.
    He must have got his way with her, as a week ago, a
    small round silk ball has appeared at the hole on the
    pink bird box...so...we'll she, hopefully l'll be a
    Granddad..soon! :0).
    The other one...well she just does her thing...always
    about..l keep her, well both in fact, stocked up with
    flies! HeHe! Watch this space!

    Thanks for letting me have a little say Emma...Little...
    Well, l'm known to go one a bit..
    I also see you like pink...well, if you've time take a peek
    at my Blog...it's just a one off...it was done for me back
    in 2008...! So, l'm not the author..!

    Well...it's nearly four in the morning, just a power
    cut, briefly, had one for six hours yesterday...so,
    another lemon tea, and back to bed! :).
    Thanks again...! Oh! Charlotte's giving you a little
    wave..well eight as it happens! :0).


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