Tuesday, 10 October 2017


So yet again it's spider month, and I hate it there so many creeping about my home , that I have too keep checking to see there isn't any lurking in my bed! 

However I find these little monsters amazing, I love how they all have amazing designs and make beautiful designs with there webs. 
I managed to save some from my washing g line by placing them in another spiders web, wasn't sure if the other spider was happy but at least I saved it.
What is it about these little creates that scare me and other people so much?

Monday, 9 October 2017

Panasonic sound systems

I can here you saying to me Emma it's only October, however I'm all ready planning all my Christmas gifts and buying, wrapping and storing away for Christmas.
I'm a massive music nurd and always playing it loud through my through my phone speaker or TV often being yelled at for turning it down , but let's face it who does do the boring house hold chores without music on?
IV been wanting a sound system for ages and been searching the internet and stumbled upon these Panasonic sound systems (click here) these look amazing and would like fantastic in any home.

I personally love the look of the GA10 which is coming soon, there is Google Assistant on compatible smart home devices like Chromecast built-in TVs, smart lights or thermostats. Which makes it simple, with single voice command, making it easier to find out the weather before you head out and seeing what your plans are for the day.
Take a look and treat your loved one for Christmas or yourself ☺️

View them here - Panasonic sound system