Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Where have you been, domain name change?

Hello Everyone

So my last official blog post here was before Christmas! Hasn't time flown by? Wow, I wouldn't have thought that in this short space off time we would be June all ready!

Sadly due to Lots of craziness going on in the world of my life, i needed to take a break away from    " All Things Emma Dunn " and well my life in general and focus on me. Which I have done, and now feel ready to get back on this crazy blog, and share my life, my food, my wants and just things that catch my eye, and maybe even chuck in the odd comp or two!

So What have I been doing I here you say... well pretty much living in the gym since the End of Jan.

I Broke up with my ex end august, and had to take some time out, im sure ill tell you that story on Story Time sometime soon. After that I got into working out, as I was at a all time Low, I got the Ok to have weightloss surgry which was not a easy choice to do, but ill save all that info for another story time.. Well guess your Lucky as thats all ready 2 "Story Time" mentions. lol

After the surgery for my weightloss, iv just been working out in the gym, swimming, trying new exercise courses. Trying on a tone of new clothes as so far lost a grand total off 7 stone! wooooh...  Crying loads because clothes dont fit me! :O

Oh and among all that ... dated some Losers!

While I was recovering in hospital I didnt realize my site my totally down, and someone bought the domain and wants crazy money for it, so Sadly need to start again with this one, but hope I can build my blog up again :) 

Well Thats me for now, but I hope you are looking forward to me coming back and all the fun and fabulous new posts I have planned!

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