Monday, 7 November 2016


This Halloween I thought I would dress up, I wasnt really to excited about it, left everything to the last minute, I new i had a corset id bought online, but not tried on, i didn't even have anything for leo to wear either, so at the last min i rushed out and picked up a red cape from Tesco in the sale for just over £1 along with some vampire teeth.

That evening, I arrange too meet with my mate at 5pm , as she had never been and we thought we would do some houses when it wasn't to dark, then head to the pub for some food. I really couldnt be bothered to wash my hair, so i ended up back combing it, and wishing i really hadnt!

I got out my corset from the draw and thought hm.. not sure this is going to fit, being plus size , plus size women know how hard it is to find not only a corset that fits the boobs but also one to go over all the lady lumps. This corset was too small, i stuggled getting it over my boobs, and thought ok, once i get them in it will  be easy. I losed the corset ties as much as I could, and sucked myself in and got it over my head and boobs and manged to get the boobs to stay in place. However my night mear had just started, because what i hadnt realised is how much trouble i would have getting it off later that night. So as i carried on trying to feel sexy, adding my make up, mask and tail to my leggins, i really had no idea of the panic i would suffer later.

I got leo his school trousers and a black top from his draw to team with his red cape. As hes un able to wear face paint, i had to put make up on him, so i started with foundation, added smokey eyes and carried it under his eyes, added some highlighter and white eye shadow to his cheeks and a deep red lipstick on his lips and over his chin to make it look like it was blood. As he get alligies i didnt want to attempt to use the shop bought blood. Leo seemed to love his new look including his teeth!

As we went out that eve, it was apparent right away that not many people where taking part in Halloween this year, there seemed to be less houses to knock on,  fewer people on the streets and overal was a bit disappointing. he managed to get a few sweeties before we all headed to the local pub for some tasty food.

However the highlight of the night, was getting hope and trying to get out off my corset, I had been in it for over 2 hours and realized that it was to tight and i had no clue how i was going to get out, the laces at the back where to tight, i couldn't un tie them, leo didnt get what i was saying, so in the end i am afraid to say that i had to get leo to cut me out! I had also mislay-ed the scissors so the next best thing was wallpaper scissors so we spent the next 35mins cutting the laces at the back to get me out of the damed corset, if that wasnt scary enough i dunno what is!!

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