Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Eaten Mess

I put together some eaten mess for a friend off mine, its easy and simple and dose not take to much time.

needed -
  • Fruit - Strawberry's, raspberries, black currents ect (a frozen bag off mixed fruit is ok too just defrost)
  • Double Cream or whipping Cream
  • meringue nests
  • sunday jug, bowl, ice cream bowl ect 
  • mesureing jug or something to whip the cream in
  • raspberry compote 
 I started by pouring the cream into a measuring jug and used a fork to wisk together took about 15mins for the cream to thicken, I then crushed meringue into the cream and mixed together, then i used a spoon to put heaped spoon fulls of the fruit  into the sunday jug and, then topped with a layer of the cream and meringue mix. I continued to do this in layers sometimes adding the compote to add a nice texture to it. I then topped the sunday with cream and meringue. I then left in the frige for a hr till after dinner.

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