Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Blogger Kate Hansford Dylon Valentines Bouquet

Colour expert DYLON fabric dyes, has teamed up with Etsy blogger Kate Hansford of Daphne Rose, to create an alternative bouquet for Valentine’s Day.
Handmade using only cotton and a mixture of DYLON dyes, this colourful, everlasting bunch will stand the test of time and will be a permanent reminder of your love.
Grab your rubber gloves, pop on your piny and follow Kate’s step-by-step guide to make your own quirky Valentine’s bouquet, which you can find on her blog, here.
Kate’s hand-dyed flowers are also available to buy on Etsy for £5 per single stem rose. You can tailor your bouquet colour combination and each order will arrive to  your loved-one’s door beautifully wrapped and with a personalised message.

A snippet from Kate’s step-by-step guide:
What you’ll need:
– White cotton fabric & something to protect your table
– DYLON fabric dyes & fabric paint
– Water in spray bottle (I reused an old bottle of cleaning fluid)
– Rubber gloves & washing up bowl with water
– Paint brush
– Wooden skewers/florist wire
– Needle & thread
– Scissors & hot glue gun
Step 1: Protect your table and lay your fabric on the top. Take your spray bottle and spray water over the fabric.
Step 2: Choose your DYLON dye colours and empty a small amount of each dye into a pot.
Step 3: Sprinkle the dye over the fabric to achieved your desired look. Play around with the dye by sprinkling it evenly and mixing all colours, sprinkling in clusters and leaving some of the fabric dye free to experiment with different effects.
Step 4: Rinse your fabric in water – making sure to wear the rubber gloves – and hang to dry.
Step 5: Once the fabric is dry, cut into strips ranging from approximately 6-12cm in width.
Step 6: Fold under approximately 1.5cm at the small end of your fabric strip, fold the strip in half lengthways – matching the raw edges – and pin in place. Thread your needle and sew a rough running stitch along the raw edge, taking out your pins as you go. Fold under another 1.5cm at the other end and stitch into place.
Step 7: Pull on your thread and slide the fabric along it to gather it together. Then begin to roll the fabric up to make your rose shape. The more gathered the fabric is the more open and loose your rose shape will be.
Once the fabric is rolled together and you’ve checked that you have achieved the desired shape, stitch from one side of the flower to the other until the fabric is held securely in place.
Sophie Bagnall, Colour Expert at DYLON, says: “It’s been great fun working with Kate to create this quirky bunch of flowers. There’s a real trend for personalised gifts and crafts at the moment and Kate’s creation solves the problem of ending up with sorry-looking, wilting flowers. What better way to express your love than with a beautifully handmade bunch of roses?”

  To view Kate Hansford’s step-by-step guide, please visit: http://daphnerosa.com/2016/01/27/alternative-valentines-bouquet/

§  To purchase the hand-dyed Valentine’s Day roses, please visit Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/265666393/hand-dyed-fabric-flowers-single-stem

§  For a full list of DYLON products, please visit: http://www.dylon.co.uk/products/catalogue/#fabric-paints

§  Please note: This method of dying has been developed and tested by Kate Hansford and these are not the standard instructions for using dyes.

About DYLON:

DYLON was founded in 1946 and from humble beginnings, went on to thrive in ‘make-do & mend’ post war Britain making fabric dyes to brighten up the homes, wardrobes and spirits of families across the country. You’ll find all colours bright and beautiful under the DYLON fabric dye range; whether you pick a Sunflower yellow or plunge for Ocean Blue, inspiration is at your fingertips. 

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