Friday, 22 January 2016

Lush Gorilla Galley

Gorilla Perfume at Lush presents
The Gorilla Gallery

Explore the Art of Perfumery through Unique Storytelling Fine Fragrances

 From Monday 18th January 2016, Gorilla Perfumes at Lush, in collaboration with Studio Xag, 
will be presenting the next incarnation of the Gorilla Galley at Lush Oxford Street. 

The new installation, first of a two-part series in 2016 which is free to attend, explores the Art of Perfumery in a celebration of two of Gorilla Perfume’s most iconic fragrances, The Sun and The Smell of Freedom

 The Gorilla Gallery is an interactive and creative take on presenting perfume, further adding to the unique offering at Lush’s biggest global shop on Oxford Street, London. This installation will be open to the public until 24th March 2016.

The Gorilla Gallery
(Lower Ground Floor) 
175-179 Oxford Street

Opens Monday 18th January 2016
Open daily 10.00am-9.00pm and Sundays 11.30am-6.00pm

#perfumeisart  #GorillaGallery 
Twitter @GPerfume
Instagram @gorillaperfumes

Further information:

The Sun installation
A ray of sunshine in the depth of winter, The Sun installation will provide an opportunity to relax in a 50’s style retro drive-in cinema, listen to the sounds of Simon and Garfunkel and let your worries disappear.

Road trips, music and synaesthesia combine to make this wonderful tangerine and sandalwood fragrance.

The Smell of Freedom installation
The Smell of Freedom installation will immerse you into the three stories behind the perfume in a way that will challenge your outlook on life and the freedom we are lucky to have.

When Gorilla Perfumer, Simon Constantine met three extraordinary people on his travels across the globe, he was inspired to create each of them a fragrance as a portrait of their struggle, their strength, their hope and their unwavering determination. The common factor in each of the tales was freedom and when these three fragrances were blended, they became The Smell of Freedom.


Gorilla Perfume
Simon and Mark Constantine founded Gorilla Perfume as the artistic expression of a Perfumer father and his Perfumer son. For Gorilla Perfume, fragrance is about expression. Whether capturing a wistful memory, taking influence from a musical muse or creating a scent for a certain magical moment, the Gorilla Perfumers use scent as a tool to interpret the world around them.

Studio Zag
Studio Xag are an East London design team that collaborated with Lush and Gorilla Perfumes on the recent popular Scented Cinema at Lush Oxford Street. They specialize in visual storytelling and bespoke installations.

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