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Dairy Free Easter Veganicity

Have a dairy-free Easter
Top tips from Veganicity
The most common gift nowadays for Easter is the giving of a chocolate egg. For vegans and those following a dairy-free diet, however, a typical dairy-based chocolate egg isn’t a viable option and it can be easy to feel left out.
However, Simon Bandy, General Manager from Veganicity, offers his top vegan and dairy-free alternatives to ensure you have a happy Easter:
Free-from alternatives
Free-from diets are now more commonplace and many stores will offer dairy-free alternatives to chocolate. I would recommend opting for a store that specialises in vegan chocolate such as a health food store, as the taste and quality is often better. If you do your research, you will find you are spoilt for choice with varieties which range from lime and chilli to orange and macadamia nut!
  • Top tip: 100% dark chocolate tends to be dairy-free but always check the packaging to be sure.
Go arts and crafts mad
Easter eggs don’t need to be made from chocolate. This is actually a relatively modern tradition. Many arts and crafts stores now sell ‘eggs’ made from a variety of materials. Why not have a go at creating your own FabergĂ© style masterpiece with glitter, paint and glue. They make a longer lasting and more decorative gift for loved ones.
Make your own Easter treats
The internet hosts a huge amount of vegan-friendly recipes to create tasty, Easter treats. My favourite is chocolate crispy cakes topped with mini marzipan eggs. They are very easy to make and fun to do with children. Simply melt some vegan chocolate and stir in vegan rice crispies (Nature’s Path makes these). Place in paper cup cakes, top with your coloured vegan marzipan mini eggs and pop in the fridge to cool and set – enjoy!
If you overindulge in Easter treats, Veganicity’s Digest-Ase tablets (£6.75 for 60 tablets) combine acidophilus with enzymes and peppermint to help to ease digestion.

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