Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Creative Jewllery with re make!

some of you have have seen a few months ago, I attacked a bracelet that my ex boyfriend gave me, or should say made me.
I never wore it, as again like everything he gave me it was NOT ME..

Horrible X's Creation..
So I took some off the beads I had all ready from HobbyCraft and I got out the elastic and I made my own creative version, that is now me!

my snazzy collection

Some people have asked me why.. well 1 the beads are quite a lot if you make things lots, and 2 the beads actually mean nothing to me, as he gave it to me while we were going through a rocky part and i new we were over before we where.

New Creation
I love my new creation and want to make a necklace to match to wear with a nice summer dress :)

Hobbycraft have lots of fun things in store :)

What can you use that your ex gave you to make something more you and fun???