Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Win a bottle of NatraSan first aid spray

NatraSan - This product is 100% natural and made from 5% Hypochlorous acid, which is produced naturally by white blood cells to aid healing and fight infections and bacteria. As well as protecting against germs and bugs on surfaces and wounds, it has also been proven to fight against acne and spots as it kills 99.9999% of germs. As it can be used as a disinfectant, you are able to use it for a multitude of beauty chores including cleaning your make-up brushes (we all know how annoying that is), cleaning your make-up bag and cleaning the make up casing.
It can also be helpful to have in your beauty bag/draw as it takes the sting out of minor burns – we’ve all been there with those pesky hair straighteners or curlers!
NatraSan is the first of its kind to have EU approval to be sold to consumers. It is pH neutral, non-irritating and free from alcohol, preservatives and fragrances.

I have one of these to give away!

Bottle of NatraSan

Terrence Higgins 70th Birthday 5 uk centres for over 50's with HIV

Terrence Higgins Trust commemorates Terry’s 70th birthday with launch of  five UK centres dedicated to over 50s living with HIV

Commemorating Terry Higgin’s 70th birthday, the UK’s leading sexual health and HIV charity has rolled out a national programme –Health Wealth and Happiness Project (HWHP) -  aimed at the one in four of those living with HIV in the UK who are over 50*.  Funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Silver Dreams scheme, the  programme is available in London, Bristol, West Midlands, Brighton, and Manchester.

HWHP focuses on providing support, advice, counselling and information to the first generation of people living with HIV into older age. These numbers are set to rise significantly over the next decade with 53 per cent (42, 000) of people currently living with HIV  in the  UK in the 35 - 49 age group.

Dr Rosemary Gillespie, Terrence Higgins Trust CEO,  said:

As we commemorate Terry Higgin’s 70th birthday we are reminded that people with HIV are now living into older age. “Our **50 plus research (2012) revealed that a significant proportion of older people with HIV live alone, experience poverty, and have limited family support.

“HWHP  was set up to tackle this through provisions such as debt management, one to one support, housing and benefit advice, volunteering opportunities, and complimentary therapy sessions.”

Tony Calvert, one of the original founders of the Terrence Higgins Trust, said:

“Terry was the first of many friends I lost to HIV.  He passed away at St Thomas's Hospital, London on Sunday 4th July 1982, 25 days after his 37th birthday.  It was the decision of his friends, as a group, to set-up a charity in his name, -Terrence Higgins Trust, shortly after.

“I remember Terry with great fondness every time his birthday comes along.. Today (10th June) would have been my dear friend's "70th birthday. I would like to say thanks Terry - for being my friend, and to the charity that carries your great name, without which programmes like HWHP would not exist.”

Big Lottery Fund England Chair, Nat Sloane said:

“The Big Lottery Fund are proud to be part of the vital work of the Terence Higgins Trust. We wish them every success to continue and expand the great work they are doing across the country providing crucial support and advocacy for more older people living with HIV.”