Thursday, 11 June 2015

Review Lemon Verbena And Mandarin tea lights Sainsburys

I was in Sainsburys and I needed some new candles as I use them daily, love the smell of all candles.

I was pretty much broke at this point didn't have much to spend however in the home wear department Sainsburys have a nice range of items and the ones that could my eye where the Lemon Verbena and Mandarin tea lights, they also had a range of other candles, room spray in this range.

I think the candles where about 3.00 for the 30 tea lights, which to me seem a barging, and they smell amazing.

Once home they burned for about a hour or so before it was out, but the room filled with a hevenly sent, and this is a product I would buy again.

rating 5/5