Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dinner 18/3/2015

These afternoon i wanted to make something different and fancied a casserole, so headed to my local small sainsburys after work and picked up the mix, along with some chicken that was £3.00 and some carrots for 55p and a pack of onions for £1.


 Once i got home after picking leo up, i up dinner on. I placed in the frying pan the chicken and one onion and browned the chicken and cooked the onion. chopped up 3 carrots and 1 mushroom and placed them in the oven dish. Once i had cooked the chicken and onion i added them in the dish with the carrots and mushroom.

I then added the casserole mix and then placed in the oven on 180 for about a 40mins, then added  a dumpling mix and cooked for a further 30mins. I then served with some tin potato.

Bankers Box, Whats your Pro-File?


What’s your pro-file?
It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it

It appears we’re a nation of avid filers and are quite happy to spend hours perfecting how we do it, so much so that you can now distinguish which pro-filer you and even your colleagues are.
Four distinct filing ‘typologies’;  ‘The Architect’, ‘The Boffin’, ‘The Nester’ and ‘The Neat Freak’ have been identified. These are present in every office and will be immediately recognisable to many business owners and employees.
Filing is quite clearly a healthy obsession in the UK workplace and the way that we do it reveals some interesting traits about ourselves and others in a new study, commissioned by office supply specialists, Fellowes.
Paper filing is still a huge part of office life, according to a poll of 40 SME businesses. Fellowes has worked with business psychology experts at the University of Leeds as part of a wider piece of work to investigate the UK’s love of filing and understand better what drives the way we file.
Employees in offices across the UK are spending the equivalent of over two and half working weeks each year filing paperwork with 52 per cent of businesses saying their staff file business documents for  between one and two hours each week. 17 per cent said they spend even longer – between two and five hours.
It’s no surprise that business owners often say the first quarter of the year is their busiest when it comes to filing documents, completing paperwork, re-organisation and compliance. Nine per cent of those surveyed said they spent between five and ten hours each week clearing paper work from their desk area alone.
“People are individuals and behave in very different ways in terms of how they organise their office space, as well as the strategies they use to store and retrieve information. Understanding how they file could help to make employees more productive,” says Dr. Matt Davis, lecturer in socio technical systems at the University of Leeds.

“How paperwork is coded and stored matters, as office workers spend a significant proportion of their time searching for and retrieving information from a variety of sources.

“Time spent searching for misplaced information is time that could be spent on other tasks – likewise, time spent maintaining an overly elaborate filing system is time that could be put to better use.”
Almost half of the businesses surveyed said a lack of a formal system for organising paper documents had led to a negative situation for their organisation, like a lost contract or a project delay.

To help employees better understand their own filing habits – and find out which one of the typologies they are – Fellowes has developed an online quiz.

Darryl Brunt, UK & Ireland Sales & Marketing Director, said: “It is light-hearted but there is a clear business message here – the way we file is important. Businesses still file thousands of documents every year so it makes sense to understand how and why we do it. This way, efficient document storage can become part of an organisation’s everyday routine.”

So to find out which Pro-filer you are, take the quiz here:
For further information on the full Fellowes Bankers Box product range, please visit

About the Pro-Filer Typologies

The ‘Neat Freak’
If someone moves something from your desk, you (and they) will know about it. As a Neat Freak you’re almost obsessive in your desire to make your world uniformed and orderly. You have a place for everything – and everything has its place. You will restore harmony with a swift re-alignment of a stapler and move of a mouse mat. Mess is your biggest enemy. You will never allow it to destroy the minimalism that dominates your busy working environment. You have an enthusiastic approach to maintaining order and you need a storage solution to suit.

The ‘Architect’
Tall towers of papers dominate your office landscape, constructed from piles of documents and sources of inspiration. Colleagues have been known to stop at the door to your office and back off slowly, for fear of disrupting your mountain of materials. Your piling habit helps you to keep important documents to hand and makes it easier for you to retrieve those pieces of frequently needed information.  As an Architect, effective utilisation of space saving time is key. You believe you know exactly where each piece of vital information is and may not feel you have the time or reason to file. 

The ‘Nester’
Surrounding yourself with things that make you smile keeps you happy in your work. Your desk is a professional extension of your own home and you keep all your personal favourites close: the special pen, cuddly toy, the family photo and the nifty corporate giveaway. You’re professional and organised, yet you often feel swamped by paperwork and find it difficult to keep up with all documents that come your way.  Your workspace is full of new and creative ways to store papers. In your own words: ‘You never know when something may be needed at a future date’

The ‘Boffin’
As a Boffin you bring science and logic to your organisation systems. Superbly arranged, professional and extremely methodical, your storage style favours the category within a category approach. Every file is colour-coded, labelled and referenced. If a file can’t be categorized A- Z it will be arranged in another sequence that “simply makes good sense”. This doesn’t mean you necessarily favour a complicated filing system, you simply like well-considered classification.  If PHDs were awarded for organisation, you would be the first to be presented with one. You need a storage system that’s first class too. 

I came up with the Nester. Whats yours??
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