Tuesday, 17 March 2015

First date - it's a first!

This evening I attended a first date and for the first time ever it was a date with the kids too.
Have a child who is difficult, disabled and have mental problems can have a huge impact on any relationship and really can play a massive role and make a relationship make or break.

I meet with a gentleman after school with his disabled son and off course took leo with me, something which I was worried about, and really need not have been.

First we meet in the park as leo wanted to go on the swings as he was a little agressive when I picked him up after having a long day on on a school trip,  leo soon calmed after a few goes on the swing and the slide!

We then meet my "friend" and his son which was not akward and we headed into the coffee shop. My new friend was very positive to leo asking him questions about his day which was very refreshing.
We sat chat and ate cake while leo played on my phone! Thank good for game apps. I spoke to his son and we enjoyed each others company!

As the time went on leo wanted pizza, so we all decided to head to the local pizza hut where we enjoyed some yummy pizza , laughter and chatting.

Ideally I'd never dream of having a date with my kid there, and I doubt many people would, but it really got me thinking maybe this is where I have been going wrong. Because there is no point starting any relationship until and if they get on with your child as your child is your life and comes first!

While I understand if your a hussy and date millions of men this would not be good for your child but if like me your a small time dater who hardly dates and everything is kept normal and in a public place why not meet with the kids!

Have to say this is the best date I have been on in a very very long time and I am very positive from the meet!!

Would you meet someone with your kids??

Most Amazing Sleep For the First Time in months!

I was able to for the first time to enjoy my sleep, no calls to wake me up, no emails , no texts, no worrying about other peoples problem.
I had been talking to a "friend" about everything and watched a bit of dragons den and even added some positive jewellery to my wishlist! Time just seemed to slip away with me yesterday, and for the first time in ages, I felt free and able to just enjoy my evening!
I managed to get to bed by 10.30pm , unlike normal I didn't have a restless night or wake up at stupid times needing the loo, I managed to sleep though , and wake up thinking "shit" because it was 7.55, and I had not got leo ready , or done his lunch and the taxi arrived at 8.25! Luckily I managed to get leo and everything sorted in time, and get home by 9am in enable me time to wash my hair, have cat cuddles and write this blog!
Hopefully the amazing nights sleep can continue!
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Cooking as a Team

Last night , I had leo help me do dinner, after I did the washing up and he had had a bowl of cereal , he did some plate drying and kept asking "whens dinner" to which I said once I have finished the washing up.
I then thought it would be a fantastic idea to get Leo to help me, so I got the sauce pans out and said can you help me cut the broccoli and showed him how to do he, he then because excited and could not wait to help out!
It was also a simple way for dinner to get started quickly while I carried on doing the washing up, which needed doing as I just paid to heat the hot water!
After he cut up 2 small broccoli up and put it in the sauce pan, I then got leo to grate the cheese, something which he also enjoyed doing. It made everything much more fun and we got to spend some time together, he also kept coming in and checking if dinner was ready, even helping me add the cheese into the white sauce mix and stirring it.
As the broccoli cheese was cooking away in the over, I took out my smoked gammon stakes and placed them under the gril.
Lets just say dinner was very tasty!

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