Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Learning Resources Time Tracker review

Having worked with the wonderful people at learning resources i could not wait to contact them following a adhd parenting course i was on!

Durring the course the teachers/health professionals could not talk more highly enough about the time tracker from Learning Resources and also bought one in to show all the mums.

So me being me, wanted to get one to review myself.

Having leo is difficult and time limits are also hard to stick to and he stuggles even with reminders of when he needs to stop and go to bed or do something else. If he had his way he really would be stuck on the xbox all day!

This time tracker, is light, not hard to brake which was something else i was worried about (and other parents will know), however this can be knocked over or chucked about a bit, especially if the kid loses its temper.

The website says - 
  • The Time Tracker is ideal for:
    • Tests
    • Playtime
    • Practice Sessions
    • Experiments
  • Colourful lights and unique sounds help students visualise and hear how much time remains
  • Easily program the green, yellow and red sections of the timer
  • Digital screen displays time remaining
  • Auto set function also available
  • 180° viewing ensures everyone can see
  • Six sound effects to choose from
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) or AC Adapter (Sold separately)
  • Time Tracker measured 22.5cm H
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included

 Time Tracker
This item is not just for in a class room but works at home too, I was able to set diffrent timers and voice/noises for each stage. Also with it lighting up as it went it allowed leo to know when he was due to stop and also he could see how long was left.

He enjoyed using this, would also be great as a night light if you could leave it on.

This is a fantastic item to have and i recommend it to all mums!

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