Monday, 5 January 2015

Lush Gorilla Perfume - get a gift!

'Gifts for Mum’, ‘Gifts for Husband’… we find these notions a little bit too stereotypical here at Gorilla Perfumes. 
Perfume is personal. 
We know your mum is your mum, but what is she like? A storyteller? A traveller? We’ve handpicked the perfumes we think suit a plethora of ten personalities, which we are sure you will know…


Gifts for… The Storyteller

They may be writers, or they may just have a way with words. These perfumes have beautiful, complex tales behind their creation that the storytellers of the world are destined to hear, and draw their own stories from too.
Dad’s Garden (Lemon tree) body spray, £18 for 200ml
President’s Hat, £13 for 10ml - £39 for 50ml
Princess Cottongrass, £16 for 10ml - £32 for 30ml

Gifts for… Sweet Teeth
This sweet, floral and fruity smelling bar is made with an exquisite blend of ingredients for silky, heavenly skin. Let the antioxidant argan oil and calming rose get to work on aching muscles while sago bubbles gently massage the skin and help boost circulation.
All Good Things, £20 for 10ml - £40 for 30ml
Vanillary, £7 for 12g solid - £28 for 30ml
Stayin’ Alive, £25 for 10ml - £75 for 50ml

Gifts for… The Gardener

Nature provides much of the inspiration behind Gorilla Perfume, which is apparent in these little treats. They’re not just for Gardeners - anyone who enjoys how Mother Nature’s subtle beauties sneak into our paths will appreciate these flora and fauna-esque fragrances.

Dad’s Garden (Camomile and Honeysuckle), £18 for 10ml - £36 for 30ml
Kerbside Violet, £18 for 10ml - £36 for 30ml
Flower’s Barrow, £16 for 10ml - £32 for 30ml

Gifts for… The Meditator
Breathe in, breathe out, relax. These balancing, good-vibe perfumes are perfect for those who do a lot of yoga and pilates, but are equally appropriate for anyone who likes to create positive energy for themselves (or maybe even need a little help in doing so).

Karma, £6 for 12g solid - £24 for 30ml
Sun, £5 for 12g solid - £20 for 30ml
Inhale/Exhale, £16 for 15ml

Gifts for… The Artist
While paintings are art for the eye and music art for the ear, perfume is art for the nose. These complex masterpieces are perfect for the creative type - let the inspirations behind the perfumes inspire them in turn…

Breath of God, £8 for 12g - £48 for 50ml
Death and Decay, £30 for 30ml
Superworldunknown, £33 for 30ml

Gifts for… The Traveller/Adventurer
Perhaps they travel a lot, perhaps they long to travel a lot. These beautiful fragrances, each inspired by an adventure of some sort, will take them on a journey and are cheaper than buying them a trip to the Amazon.

Smuggler’s Soul, £9 for 12g solid - £54 for 50ml
Sikkim Girls, £8 for 12g solid  - £32 for 30ml
Smell of Freedom One, £16 for 10ml - £48 for 50ml

Gifts for… The Mixologist
Or Bartenders, or even Scientists. These perfumes are about mixing ingredients and getting the concoction just right - an act of genius for the curious and something that smells good enough to drink.

Cocktail, £33 for 30ml
BScent, £31 for 30ml
Devil’s Nightcap, £40 for 30ml

Gifts for… The Historian
From ancient Roman culture to lore books and even the Viking methodology behind brewing beer, small snippets of history find themselves peeping through these perfumes. They are perfect for people who like to immerse themselves in the olde ways of the past.

The Smell of Weather Turning, £18 for 10ml - £36 for 30ml
Furze, £10 for 10ml - £20 for 30ml
Hellstone, £40 for 30ml

Gifts for… The Romantic
For those who long for love, for those who have found love and are loving every second… these perfumes will complement your romantic side, or bring it out…

Love, £31 for 30ml
Lust, £6 for 12g solid - £24 for 30ml
1000 Kisses Deep, £24 for 30ml

Gifts for… The Thinker
Analysing is second nature to some of us. These perfumes are perfect for those who like to contemplate, determine, get to the bottom of things that weren’t even an issue in the first place. Everyone knows a Thinker, and these complex perfumes with complex stories are the perfect food for thought!

The Bug, £14 for 10ml - £42 for 50ml
Dear John, £7 for 12g solid - £42 for 50ml
Lord of Goathorn, £29 for 30ml

All of these fine fragrances are available at the world’s only shop dedicated solely to Lush Cosmetics’ Gorilla Perfume, at 3 Camden Passage, London, N1 8EA. A selection are available online at
All fragrances are unisex, but if you’re not sure what your other half/family member/friend might prefer, just pop in and tell our expert team what the person in question is like and they will help you find the perfect scent!