Thursday, 17 December 2015


                Woolwich square, London turned into a Cadbury White Christmas scene

15 December 2015: Cadbury turned Woolwich, London into a Cadbury White Christmas, with real, pristine, fluffy snow for all to enjoy. The classic snowy Christmas scene was unveiled by TV presenter Caroline Flack, who was there to join in the festive fun.

 The magical display used real snow to delight and surprise Christmas shoppers. Flurries of snowflakes fell to create the glistening white scene while families revelled in the winter playground, making snow men and snow angels, throwing snow balls and playing on sledges. Even Caroline couldn’t resist the festive scene, adding the finishing touches to a snowman with Cadbury chocolate button eyes, making a snow angel on the ground and even playfully throwing snowballs into the crowd.

 Caroline said: “A lovely winter scene like this is the epitome of a classic Christmas. I’ve had so much fun playing in the real snow; it’s made me feel like a child again! Three of my favourite things Christmas, Snow and Cadbury all together – what more could I ask for? I’m so pleased I was here to join in the festivities and wish everyone a very merry Christmas”
The Cadbury White Christmas took place in the square in Woolwich, London. It brought to life the latest Cadbury Christmas TV advert, which shows the most joyful advent calendar formed from 24 Cadbury purple trucks ready to deliver joy across the nation. Every truck represents a different door of the advent calendar, and the Cadbury White Christmas is the 14th of many unique surprises. So keep your eyes peeled for the next joyful treat in case a magical truck comes to a town near you!
Claire Low, Marketing Manager at Mondel├Ęz International, said: “Everyone dreams of a White Christmas, and nothing beats the joy of playing in freshly laid snow. Given the unpredictability of British weather, we wanted to guarantee that at least one town in the UK gets to experience a Cadbury White Christmas this year. It was the perfect way to continue our festive countdown. We loved seeing everyone enjoy the one-of-a kind creation and can’t wait to unleash even more joy when we open our next door tomorrow!” 
To find out where the Cadbury Advent Calendar is heading next, visit or tweet@CadburyUK using the hashtag #Cadvent.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Its December.

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Its now DECEMBER! Not long now till santa is here and there is yummy food and gifts for everyone to share and enjoy!!

Have you got a advent? If so which one. I still haven't picked one up! Might ended up ordering one and then catching up on the chocolate eating!

Are you ready for Christmas? I have done some of my christmas shopping, i wrapped them up best i could however i forgot to put names on a few! so someone might end up with the wrong gift this year!

What have you got left to do? - I still need to get the crackers, the tree up and add some decorations around the place!

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