Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Weekend out

Over the weekend a friend and I headed out, she hadnt been well so we scrapped our BINGO date and headed to the local pub.

When we arrived it was busy and the football was on, great! So we ordered some food. I had cod and chips with peas and she had a hunters chicken. We both then went on for pudding and I had choc fudge cake with ice cream, and my friend a millionaires chocolate cake with cream. All very tasty.

After we had eaten and the football had ended and the flocks of men had left the pub, we decided to head to another pub as we new it didnt have the loud tvs.

We walked to the other pub, and grabbed a drink and seeing as we where both still peckish had a little nibble. I had the Potato skins and a small mini lemon eatton mess.

Its not very often i drink, as i dont have vaild id , even tho im now 28 i still get Id'd for scratch cards and films.. However i really splashed out this weekend with wine, and cocktails!!

Incase your wondering thats my sparkly pink ASOS bag, i stumbled upon in a charity show for £1.50 :)

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