Saturday, 26 September 2015

Bath 2 Basics Review

Bath 2 Basics was kind enough to send me some items to review on my blog, and I was sent 2 Soaps and 1 Body Scrub and whipped body butter.

The package arrived and everything was very well packed, and unlike some company's nothing was broken, it was all as should be.

I first tried the amazing Flower Power which is priced at £5.99 -

Most of us have experienced the good website but never sure whats going to turn up once you order it, and I have to say your not going to be disappointed, the soap it's self is smooth soft and smells good, the colours look as good as they do online and come with the cute flower on top. The soap always smells great after use after use and unlike some soaps it leaves my hands feeling soft.


Rating 5/5

The other amazing soap i was sent, which i was excited about as I loved the colours was Paradise Plum, Again £5.99 -

This soap is for the girls and anyone who loves something different/unique , again this one leaves hands feeling super soft and has many use's out of it. This one has a nice wave effect through out the soap and on the top. This one was the icing on the cake.

Rating 5/5

Sugar Scub Souffle £3.99 -

I wasn't sure what to expect when i was sent this, as you cant see what your getting as much in the image on the website (above) , However it arrived in a lovely pot with a generous amount, and it looked amazing. I couldn't really smell it. Sugar Scubs are normally the item that sets your back when you shop in a department store, but really dont cost that much to make, this item is in a great affordable price range, and is the best i have tried. It leaves your skin feeling amazing and soft after use.

rating 5/5

Finally I was sent a new product (whipped body butter) that was currently in works and had no Label, However when i opened it I was not able to get enough! The smell was amazing, sweet , heavenly and just smelt good enough to eat (However your not meant to eat it). I am told  - "Its 100% natural with Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, calendula infused olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E"  - What ever it is im in love!

This is like a soft marshmallow whipped cream, which a little bit goes a long way and feels so soft on my skin, I was advised to use the sugar scub and then this, which i did and oh it was like being in a candy shop with lots of amazing, fabulous scents and left my skin loving every moment of it, and wanting more.

rating 5/5

I really can not praise Bath 2 Basics anymore, I am a huge fan of the items I was sent to review, and they have even more amazing items on their website. 


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