Thursday, 20 August 2015

Win a Sassy Stash

Meet The Sassy Stash

Have you ever carried a handbag just to hold your lipstick and money? Well, say no more! Don’t be held back by big, chunky bags, but stay hands-free with the Sassy Stash!


 The Sassy Stash is an attractive garter that doubles as secret storage for your essentials.  Designed to be adjustable and worn under clothes, simply pop your essentials into the pockets and secure around your thigh with the Velcro strap.

Ultra feminine and discreet, this is the perfect accessory for any ensemble, you will love the convenience of the Sassy Stash!
The Sassy Stash is available in black and from Firebox for just £24.99
 Win a sassy Stash by entering my comp - 

Sassy Stash

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