Monday, 24 August 2015

#OceanDreamHome Lego Competition

Leo and I were asked to take part in the #OceanDreamHome compettion for a chance to win a £150 Toys R Us voucher. Obviously Leo Jumped at the chance, because what kid would not love a Toyrs R Us voucher.

We were sent a lovely box of Lego to take part, which is fantastic because we didnt have any, and its always good to help Leo, for those of you who dont know Leo has Adhd and is behind socially emotionally and behaviorally, along with short term auditory memory issues, so things can be hard in our house hold.

Leo has always struggled using Lego yet its recommended by occupational therapy, to help him. However once the Lego is out he finds it hard and becomes very stressed, so this challenge took place over a few weeks with him getting stressed upset and it braking.

We started to build Leos dream home, we emptied all the lego we had it was utter chaos but we got there in the end!  Each day Leo came back to the Lego house the design changed, and oh we had the biggest problems with the roof, with it breaking over and over again, and Leo getting totally stressed out. However we got there and this is his creation -


Leo's Dream house obviously has a swimming pool with a slide going into it, along with some grass and some flowers, he said the red bits on the grass is where the tomato plants would be (he loves to grow things) , he has his own car and pathway, with it gated off for private entry. Leo wanted a all ground building (a bungerlow) because at times he has mobility issues and his legs hurt, so he finds it hard to climb stairs.

Overall this was a stressy project but in the end it was worth it, and Leo enjoyed doing it. It good to see what he wanted as his dream home.

* I was sent some lego in return to posting for the #OceanDreamHome Lego competition for a chance of winning £150 Toys R Us vouchers.

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