Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review

I Headed to my local Lush a few months ago and picked up the amazing "The Experimenter" that I had heard amazing, wonderful things about.
Those like me who love nothing more than a nice hot bath, full of all things fun and creative , will love everything Lush has to offer! - I love a nice colourful cheerful relaxing bath. Lush makes that happen!

My first impression was wow thats a nice big bath boob, as i meant to use it all in one go? 
I popped it into the bath, to see what was about to happen, and i can tell you it was worth the wait, i loved all the colours and the fizzy noise! 

It was like a amazing Rainbow in my bath! What more could i ask for, i am a big sucker for colours and glitter! 

By the time my bath was ready to jump in, the whole bath was purple filled with glitter and a amazing colour burts floating on top, it was delightful to jump inside, and the smell was amazing! 


rating 5/5

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