Monday, 3 August 2015

BonMarche Swim Dress Review

Every big lady out there knows how hard it is picking clothing up on the high street, let alone last min.
My swim dress broke and had gone see through i discovered to my horror when i fished it out of the wardrobe, and like anyone else i did not want to wear that.
We all no that wearing any swimwear in public can be a huge deal let alone something thats see through and broken.. lol

I had swimming the next day with my son and a date, so on the off chance as there is no plus stores in poole town center, i headed into Bonmarche, the last time i was in there, i was lucky to even find a plus 24 ( well its still pretty much the same.. :( ) However I stubbled upon a size 26 swim dress hidden on a size 22 hanger - it was simple chance as my son grabbed it and said this one, and i checked lable as it fell off the hanger.. while its not totally my size, it was the "it will do" , the other thing was that the price was wrong when i went to pay on the tag it said £15 but it was showing at £20 on the till , after a bit of moaning they agreed to let me have it at £15 and after i pointed out all the others said the same price!

I am very busty and the thing i do not like about this swim dressed is its detachable straps , so i have swam twice in this and my boobs have both times nearly came out, so would suit someone with a smaller bust than 44gg/h .
I also hate how it clings and does not flow over my tummy but that might be as its a size or 2 to small.

However, the quality, price and design is lovely and this will look amazing on a smaller busted women who is wearing the correct size!

while i did manage to pick this up in a 26 i was disappointed that i could not find anything else in store of this size, it was all smaller sizes and  20-22 and some 24's , so i was a bit upset as i had over 300 to spend which i could have spent in store, but i ended up spending it else where on non clothes items.

Bonmarche, if your reading this please bare in mind that if you did go up to a size 30 say then you would have more plus size women come through your doors in poole, as you would be the only plus store in poole! ( the nearest evans is now castle point, and plus new look is in weymouth or southampton, yours is southampton and matalans plus is in bournemouth) So you would have a huge benifit if you did plus and did some adverts! :)

View Bonmarche here

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