Wednesday, 10 June 2015

sudocrem summer fete - win a goodybag!

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This Summer Sudocrem has launched their “Summer Fete” Facebook game ( ). There are hundreds of great prizes to win including Apple Watches, Amazon Kindles and much more. Plus, this competition is made up of 3 exciting games; the first, ‘Whack a Gremlin’, is available to play now. But the other two games, ‘Hoop toss’ and ‘Hook a duck’, will launch during the Summer. 

Too celebrate i have 2 good bags to give away! 

These goody bags include:
·         Sudocrem Care & Protect
·         Sudocrem Skin Care Cream
·         A Sudocrem pen
·         A Sudocrem car bumper sticker
·         A Sudocrem T-Shirt (for infants)
·         A Sudocrem legionnaires cap (for infants)
·         A pair of Sudocrem sunglasses (for infants)



2 Sudocrem Spring/Summer goody bags

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