Tuesday, 19 May 2015

TanOrganic - Emma Hannigan supporting campaign to raise money for cancer research.

Author hit with cancer 9 times supports TanOrganic in fundraising for vital research
through sales at new stockists, Waitrose
TanOrganic is proud to announce that Emma Hannigan, well-known author of The Summer Guest and Talk to the Headscarf, is on-board supporting their campaign to raise money for cancer research.

Emma has beaten cancer eight times and is currently undergoing treatment for her ninth bout of the disease.
Emma turned to writing to alleviate the boredom of lying in hospital beds all too frequently, and is now a highly successful author. She carries the BRCA1 cancer gene and despite having her breasts and ovaries removed to reduce her likelihood of contracting the disease, she was first diagnosed in 2007.
TanOrganic, the world’s first eco-certified self-tanning brand, has teamed up with Emma to raise money for cancer research through TanOrganic products sold through Waitrose. Emma strongly believes that without research and the new treatments discovered daily, she wouldn’t be here today.
From every bottle sold in the 115 Waitrose stores across the UK that stock the award winning products, TanOrganic will donate 35p to cancer research charities.
Emma is a big fan of the TanOrganic range, which offers six all natural and organic products, expertly created to be kind to skin.
Emma said:
“Going through cancer treatment can leave you feeling utterly horrific.  Not only do you suffer the internal physical effects of these aggressive treatments, but also external physical side effects such as hair loss and a rather unattractive blue tinge to the skin.
“Making yourself feel attractive can be difficult, but can also make you feel better in yourself. That’s why I love TanOrganic. When going through treatment, you are limited to what beauty products you can use as many contain carcinogens and can be harmful. TanOrganic, being 100% natural and organic, is one of the best brands I’ve used over the years as it’s safe and effective.
“I can get a lovely golden glow and cover up that horrible blue tinge. One step closer to ‘normal’ me.”
Noelle O’Connor, Founder of TanOrganic, added:
“When I met Emma, I was immediately inspired by her story – she has overcome cancer so many times and yet remains so positive about life.  I am delighted that Emma is on board with the TanOrganic campaign to raise awareness and money for cancer research, without which Emma may not be here with us today. I am an avid supporter of organic products and I’m thrilled to know that TanOrganic products have helped Emma and others going through cancer treatment feel a bit more like themselves again.”

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