Monday, 11 May 2015

Next lemon Fizz Nail polish review

I was wanting a summer nail varnish, I had looked in a few stores but was having trouble finding the yellow i was looking for.
As it was my sisters birthday and i needed to get her something, my mum and I headed for Next , we saw some nice items, and got my sister some perfume for her birthday.
However as we where paying, I noticed this Nail varnish, in lemon fizz. I put on two coats and it looks great. However i would say it is not as bright as i had wanted its more mustard colour.
I applied a top coat and have worn this for over 2 weeks so far, it does not seem to chip easily as i have had with other polish.

I cant seem to see these on the website, but they had a few colours on the tills in Poole retail park.

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