Sunday, 17 May 2015

Just A Coffee Meet!

During the past week I have been getting to know a guy I meet online, spending most days chatting sending endless smiles and doing the obvious flirting.

Unlike other men I have encountered on this website, some how he seemed different, and we kinda clicked, so oddly I sent him my number ( which is very very rare even for me). I just had to wait for him to text me, which finally he did.

As our chats went on and I started to learn more about him, I new that I wanted to meet him, and get to know this person behind the texts. Our chats would often lead to late night texts,  often ending in me falling asleep (which makes me feel terrible!).

On Friday evening he told me he was going to head into town, as he needed to get him mum and nephew a birthday gift. So once I woke up Sat morning after my short amount of sleep, I text him asking if he wanted too meet.

I new it wasn't going to be easy, and I new I had to some how drag Leo out - as you have read before, I don't tend to go anywhere with Leo too meet any men, but as my previous post  ( First date - its a first) says, I have a child, so they have to get on with them two, (needless to say that first child meet date came to nothing, in fact after 2 days he didn't contact me again, even when I contacted him! )

I got excited at the chance to put a face to the texts, and had a shower put my make up on, dryed my hair,  and found something half descent to wear, I then got leo ready , and promised him I would buy him a game once he came home, also that we needed to get him some new shoes.

As we headed to town in the taxi, it was a little scary, but end the day I am me, if someone does not like me then that's down to them, I cant make someone. we headed for Costco - no idea what this guy really looked like other the the pics I had seen online. As Leo and I entered the store there was a guy stood there, at first I wasn't sure if it was him or not, I assumed so...

He approached us and said hello and offered to buy us a drink - Obviously me being me I refused and bought him a drink instead. Leo had a coke and a cake, he was happy. I also made sure that I charged my phone, so it would keep him quite and sitting still - all he wanted to do was go home and play on xbox!

I tried to talk to the new mystery man I had really wanted to meet up, at times Leo butting in, but I got the impression he was a nice guy, that dressed well and looked after himself. we spent some time together, as he came with Leo and I around the shops we needed to go in. It was a shame, that Leo was not in a shopping mood that day other wise, I would of gone to all the shops that the mystery man wanted to and helped him get gifts for his family, if he wanted me too.

After I left him I sent a cheeky message and the messages continued :)

TOO be Continued...

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