Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dinner 18/3/2015

These afternoon i wanted to make something different and fancied a casserole, so headed to my local small sainsburys after work and picked up the mix, along with some chicken that was £3.00 and some carrots for 55p and a pack of onions for £1.


 Once i got home after picking leo up, i up dinner on. I placed in the frying pan the chicken and one onion and browned the chicken and cooked the onion. chopped up 3 carrots and 1 mushroom and placed them in the oven dish. Once i had cooked the chicken and onion i added them in the dish with the carrots and mushroom.

I then added the casserole mix and then placed in the oven on 180 for about a 40mins, then added  a dumpling mix and cooked for a further 30mins. I then served with some tin potato.

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