Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cooking as a Team

Last night , I had leo help me do dinner, after I did the washing up and he had had a bowl of cereal , he did some plate drying and kept asking "whens dinner" to which I said once I have finished the washing up.
I then thought it would be a fantastic idea to get Leo to help me, so I got the sauce pans out and said can you help me cut the broccoli and showed him how to do he, he then because excited and could not wait to help out!
It was also a simple way for dinner to get started quickly while I carried on doing the washing up, which needed doing as I just paid to heat the hot water!
After he cut up 2 small broccoli up and put it in the sauce pan, I then got leo to grate the cheese, something which he also enjoyed doing. It made everything much more fun and we got to spend some time together, he also kept coming in and checking if dinner was ready, even helping me add the cheese into the white sauce mix and stirring it.
As the broccoli cheese was cooking away in the over, I took out my smoked gammon stakes and placed them under the gril.
Lets just say dinner was very tasty!

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