Friday, 27 February 2015

Jackpot Candles Review

I was sent a Jackpot Candle to review which I had wanted to review one for ages, I am a huge fan of candles, and the idea of finding a nice gift inside is very exciting. Here in the Uk they are very hard to find and get hold of, so when Jackpot Candles offered me the chance to review one of my choice i jumped at the chance!

Free Jewelry Gift in every candle

I headed over to there well presented easy to follow website, where i searched through the lovely looking candles, and there variety  of smells. What I love most is that you get to choose what item you would love to find inside, from a ring, earring, necklace.

Each candle is made with 100% soy and your special gift with be valued between $15 and $5,000. You will find a bar code on the item, in which you can find out its worth on the Jackpot Candle website which makes it even more fun!


I picked the fun looking amazing smelling Candy Hearts, I love you Jackpot candle, which smells of vanilla and cinnamon and fills the room with a nice warm sent.


The candle is easy to light and buns from 80-100 hours. The only down side is that with long burning you get as featured in the above picture a black puddle, however this does not effect the candle or wick.

I found my Ring about 1/3 of the way though the candle which was much sooner than i expected it was wrapped well and protected. It was easy to get out with tweezers and I washed it under water to enable to open more. there is instruction on Jackpot Candles website on how to safely remove from candle, and packaging.

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ring in plastic bag

I could not wait to get my ring out of the bag, and try the ring on. I headed to the website to find it was worth about $25 which is not bad and it would look great to add to a special night out.

Overall I love Jackpot Candles, I love how nice the candle smells how big the candle is, that it got to me very quickly and that I got a nice ring to wear on nights out! These candles are defiantly fun and worth the money!

                                              Click here to view Jackpot Candles

                          * I was sent a Candle to give my honest opinion in a review.

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