Monday, 3 March 2014


I have set up a LegoLand GoFundMe page, as Id love to spoil Leo and be able to take him away.

Having Adhd, being behind socially, emotionally and behaviorally makes it extremely hard to take him anywhere, as he is unable to cope, and has mobility issues.

For many years hes wanted to go to disney land, but that is not a option because 1 we dont have a passport and 2 he will not be able to cope.

Even a train ride to london, or a short holiday at butlins or haven is too much for him, and he has a melt down.

Hes seen many times on the tv about LegoLand, and really wants to go.

Hes 9 this year, so I cant not take him because im worried about how he will be.

However staying in Lego Land will help him, supposed to the day.

Im looking to take him on one of the kids go free dates, and possibly 2 days in hotel - means we can explore as little or as much of the park and then take brakes back at the hotel.

Its a lot of money and I simply can not afford it by myself and being a single mum makes it much harder, which is why I am asking if anyone can simply help us no matter how big or small, it will really mean the world to both Leo and I.

My Go Funding page is - here

Im looking to raise £600 (which is a step towards it) - the cheapest i could see was about £800

Thanks to anyone who helps out.

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