Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lego Show Rescheduled

Luckily I headed over to the Lego Site on 02 to find that The Lego Show has been rescheduled to November due to high demand, and moved to EXCEL in london.

However, what is poor, is that 02 have not sent out a email or phoned me to say that its rescheduled, which means some people may be disappointed and turn up to the 02 to find its not there!  - 02 say they will issue a refund with in 5 working days - but then there is no date as to when it was posted.

I paid for my ticket on the 14th feb and its now 2/3/2014 so fingers crossed we will get a refund soon.

It also says that All tickets will become full entry tickets. :)

click here to view the statement 

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