Friday, 28 February 2014

Lego Challenge with Carcraft

Carcraft "The country's leading supermarket for used cars" was running a competition for bloggers to win £100 worth of Lego. With the Huge hit from Lego currently being in cinema's - they challenged us to make a movie with one the of set's they very kindly sent us.

Leo picked the Lego City Race Car, which arrived very soon after.

Leo found it hard to make, with his problems and although he tried, he became very frustrated, So after a few days we came back to it, and it ended in me making it, while he played with his other toys.

Once made he was very happy - Although im not 100% sure that it was made correctly. He wanted to make a race track and add in Buzz and TMNT but it didnt work out too well, So we just used Lego and one of his other cars.

We had lots of fun making this, it had its stressful times, and took a week - two too finally get it sorted! - With Leo's Adhd we had to keep coming back to it, along with his other "problems".

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