Monday, 24 February 2014

My SuperMarket App

I heard about this from my Nan of all people - who thought I would love to know about it so I can save some penny's.

My view is while this might be a good app, realistically your not going to go to one store to another to buy all your shopping, your just going to buy it anywhere for any price.

However I know a few people who do shop about and Think there saving money - Until they realise they are paying out more petrol money!

So for your super scrimps wanting to save some pennies for a rainy day My SuperMarket could be the app for you.

This app is FREE, available at Google Play and on the Iphone! 

With 9 of the TOP stores (In my opinion) being on My SuperMarket it means that you can get the best deal from them! Who else finds it annoying paying top price for 6 cans of coke, when you can get them for £1.47 in another? I know I do.

Normally for me, I shop in Waitrose - However having a small Tesco and Sainsbury's up my road opposite helps! I simply shop there too for little items I forget or want to much on during the week!

Currently Sainsbury is offering CapriSun drinks for £1 for 5 - where as this offer is not at Tesco! So I can simply cross the road for the deals!

Now this app, you could pre plan your little trips and save money while your at it!

Have you used this? What do you think?

Click here to view My SuperMarket.

this is my own view, and not a sponsor, just something I thought people might be interested in.

The Lego Show - Tickets booked

After seeing a advert on a website, I heard about the Lego Show which is in May 2014 in London.

Not knowing much about it, and the website not giving to much away, I goggled Like you do and saw some info on it from past attendees but Im still not 100% sure what this event is.

However after reading the 02 website - The Venue for the event -

The LEGO® Show is relocating to The O2 in London after two successful years in Manchester. The three day show, which will run from 9 - 11 May, will be the largest LEGO® event in the UK, and is the only show in the country to feature the best LEGO®  fan builders and professional LEGO®  artists.

A great day out for all the family, the show will be packed full of interactive features including workshops with professional brick builders, LEGO® Designers; the Brick marketplace with new and second hand LEGO® products for sale; and amazing displays by LEGO® fans from around the world.  With fantastic themed areas the show aims to inspire and motivate, and allow attendees to immerse themselves in the product and build their own constructions."
I decided to take a gamble! - Some of you may know that Leo is on disability for his many problems, which opens up doors to us, to enable a free carer ticket so for the price of 14.95 and the postage charge I have got us some tickets. 
The women on the 02 booking site, didnt seem to know too much and had to keep putting me on hold but once it was sorted with in 5-10mins , I booked us in. 
From what I could gather from her, there was some kind of Lego show, you also got to spent 2hrs there? Seemed there was set times to attend? 
If anyone has been to this event before Please can you comment below letting me know more about it?