Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yours Clothing Super 99p Dress's

I found a amazing deal from reading The Not So Secret Diary Of A Wanna Be Princess , and Boy this one really is a GET IT NOW moment!

I had been eyeing up this black bodycon dress for a while now, but not bought it, and I was saying just yesterday to my mum I wanted to get a onesie.. Well Iv now spent and bought a little more than I should.. All because of the silly 99p Bodycon dress at Yours Clothing!

I happened to buy the onesie, along with 2 pairs of leggings, a pair of heart knickers a cardi and off course the 99p dress!! 

I also found a discount code and got NEXT DAY postage :)

Also remember you can collect Nectar points with Yours Clothing, If you go though the Nectar Site ( Add items you want to your basket, close the page, then click via nectar and it should all be there ready to pay and collect points!) 

TIP - Great little treat for the Girlfriend, Wife ect this valentines day! ;) 

*This post is not sponsored, its posted because I think this 99p offer is worth looking at for you plus lady's!