Wednesday, 22 January 2014


So people keep asking me why I have not been blogging, well its because i have been and still am un well, and just havnt had the energy to hop on a blog.

I have been Ill all over christmas, new years and it looks like it will be rolling on into Feb at this rate!

It came from no where, first it was a horrible temp, then coughing then after 3 or so weeks of that, I then have pain under my left breast. The nurse things its from coughing, im not so sure.

Iv spent the last 2 months in bed, sleeping, or taking my 100's of meds! Not only did i have to take my Thyroid and iorn tablets but also had Anti Bi's pain killers and anti flams! Oh so im just popping pills like there is no tomorrow!

Then to top is all off because I have been popping so many pills I have had to deal with constipation!! - Great...

So while I am recovering I will try my best to send out items, recover and read my emails!

Most posts will be scheduled until I am well enough, have a fair amount to catch up on!