Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Vodafone #first - Spread the word

Vodafone #First campaign are asking for entries of firsts that people would like to experience - they’ll then be making 10 happen, each being given up to €400k to make it happen! A recent #First they did was to make some young boy’s dreams come true. The Anokye Stars are a local Ghanaian football team made up of boys under the age of 15 who spend all of their spare time practising their skills on a dusty patch of mud. Having heard that they’d always wanted to play in the UK, the Vodafone team flew them over and organised for them to play in a North London tournament before being given a tour of the Emirates Stadium - something that they’d always dreamed of. Vodafone went to the local village that the boys were from and installed a mobile internet connection along with an inflatable screen so that they could stream the game live and all of the community could rally together to support the boys. Not only was it a first for them, it was made all that much more special when the boys won! So what is you #first dream? Use the hash tag #first on twitter and share the word!

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