Friday, 25 July 2014

Condom Couture - New Fashion!

 Brazilian-based artist Adriana Bertini’s, who “transforms expired or defective condoms into raw material to be used to make pieces of art” for her project called Condom Couture.
She hopes to change taboos and foster discussions about sex.
Bertini also hosts workshops to raise awareness about various STIs. Participants in the workshops are shown the process of creating condom art and are engaged in discussions about safe sex.
Young people are even able to touch the condoms themselves.
Bertini started her career at Brazil's fashion houses, and made her first dress from condoms in 1997. Since then, the designer has made around 200 sculptures, 80 tapestries and 160 figurines from condoms. The most condoms she has ever used on a gown - around 80 thousand - was on one wedding dress



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