Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Asda #FreedomTo

I did not know about this, was only bought to my attention because a friend of mine's husband works for Asda and she posted the video!

This year Asda with its Community Life Champions is getting involved in as many Pride's across the country as possible.
Asda was an Official Sponsor of 2014 London Pride whose campaign #FreedomTo allowing LGBT members to communicate stories and their own personal messages.
It also encouraged our Asda LGBT Network who were involved in the campaign to pledged #FreedomeTo Make Communities Inclusive. This strong message integrates the Asda LGBT message with the community life programme -- which puts Asda at the heart of our communities, whoever the community consists of. This video demonstrates how powerful a message questioning freedom can be, I asked our colleagues what they have FreedomTo that others don't and their responses were amazing. Hate still exists in this world and country but all the colleagues at Asda are doing their best to remove hate starting with our stores and now moving to our local communities.

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