Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Clothing Buys this week!

This week I bought some fab new items -



 Heart Black and white - Evans £19.50 - click here to buy
Necklace - Evans £12.50 with bracelet not on website - click here to view Accessories
Belt - Primark £3.00 - click here to view Primark
Bracelet - River Island £15.00 - Click here to buy
Pink Bag - River Island £20.00 - Click here to buy

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Littlewoods So Fabulous Dress Review!

 This week I bought a Lovely Dress from Littlewoods, who I have not used for a while, as I was not liking many of the Plus Size choices they have for big women. - However wanting something nice to wear I picked up this little beauty for only £16.

Whats more this can be teamed with leggings and be dressed up or down depending on the occasion!

The So Fabulous Long Sleeve Ponte Skater Dress, was a bargain in the sale, and is made from good stretchy fabric, that feels good and long lasting. This is good for those who do not like there arms and are able to hide them, and comes with a fantastic cute and girly heart design.

Click here to buy

Monday, 16 June 2014

Anthony Horowitz questions/live chat

Watch our live stream where the man behind the Alex Rider books and Power of Five series answers questions and reads from his new novel RUSSIAN ROULETTE

Show date: 16th June

Show time: 2pm

Who: Anthony Horowitz and Barney Harwood

The 2014 New Year Honours, Anthony Horowitz received an OBE for services to literature. Anthony is one of the most popular, influential, inspiring and (occasionally) provocative writers for young people in the UK. He’s best known as the author of the number one bestselling ALEX RIDER books (28 languages, 16 million English language sales).

Anthony has been widely acclaimed for inspiring a generation of teen and pre-teen boys to read – though his work also has a huge female readership. He’s fiercely championed the work of teachers and school librarians. He’s conducted writing workshops with youth offenders. He’s been called in by government administrations – Labour and Conservative/Liberal – to discuss the secret to getting and keeping kids reading. Earlier this year, he even interviewed Michael Gove (for The Spectator).

Now, on June 16th, Anthony is plotting a playful takeover of school English lessons by broadcasting live to schools across the UK and Ireland with a one-hour digital event, hosted by TV presenter Barney Harwood. Rest assured, this will make for an English lesson like no other!

Register for this unique event at

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Be in TK MAXX Tv Add - Video Entry!


SCS currently have their blue cross sale on - You will be able to pick up some amazing bargains In store and online.

carpets at scs

Here is some items which If I had the money I would buy from SCS.

 Amazing Dorset Sofa In Teal - click here to buy
Ainsley Park Midnight - For the Lounge click here to buy
Adelaide Coffee Table £499.00 - for my lounge with amazing carpet - click here to buy

Cosy Bathroom - Misty Rose - Ideally love the whole flat in this! but my room will do.. click here to buy

Mia Antique table Lamp - Id have 2 for my bedroom - click here to buy

Motion Lamp Table - 2 for my bed room - Click here to Buy
Wembley vanilla70 for hallway and Leo's room click here to buy

Weekend Getaway at Weymouth Bay Haven!

Over the Half Term, I booked a last minute holiday at Weymouth Bay Haven. Having never been there before, and only going locally to Rockly Park Haven site, I was not sure what was in store, Because I had been disappointed with Rockly park the last few times I had been. Sitting at home in the week wondering what to do during the half term, then seeing a small amount of cash in my bank account, made me look into traveling to weymouth - having only been there a handful of times in the car, I was unsure how near it was or if it was simple on the train. I looked at a range or b+b's and hotels in weymouth, but didnt really think they would be suitable for Leo to stay in. He needed something where he could be himself (loud, have fun and be on the go) - Having ADHD can be very un predictable. In the end I found myself heading for the Haven site, and found a cheap holiday for £219.


 The only annoying side for me, is the fact that being a single mum, i always have to pay for a family! - this adds up to crazy prices for 2 people! So I managed to book a 3 bed carvan for £219 - I added on my mum and stepdad aswell as Leo and I , just in case they wanted to attend. I then packed, and headed to the train, which was simple and easy - having a family and friends railcard meant the single journey was £11.20 for Leo and I, It took about 40mins to get to weymouth. Once at weymouth we were able to get a taxi just outside the station which took us to Weymouth Bay it was just over £8 to get there.

On arrival we checked in, and we were offered for someone to collect our bags, as we were walking, we waited for about 5mins then decided to walk, because was not worth waiting 20+ mins, it was about a 10min walk away, which is ok, would of liked to be near because of leos disability and walking issues at times, but luckily he didn't have any problems with his mobility on this brake.

The caravan its self was a ok size, I had not noticed that i was meant to take the bed lining, as did not see it showing on the booking,  so had to make do that night, because did not have a spare £9 to buy any, so we used other duvets and pillows, on the mattress. - We simply went in chucked our bags in and headed out again- as we arrived late about 6pm.

We  headed to the local field which was a short walk from the caravan and leo enjoyed playing at the park, which offers 4 swings, a seesaw, slide and climbing frame,a mini roundabout, sandpit and a football pitch and goals, (Again this is something rockly park does not offer other than a small amount of sand on the beach and 2 swings) I then had a message from a friend, who happened to be at weymouth bay again she had booked last min with her family for £239 , however she was alot closer to the resort!

 About 10pm I meet up with them at the bar, while the children played in the play area and we enjoyed a chat and a few drinks. However while we were there on the first night, Leo was punched in the face by another Holiday maker, in which i did not step in, but asked him and my friends child to get security, which came, but told the children to play in different area's - he did not get the childs parents and inform them! - I then made a written complaint leaving my carvan no and my mobile number, within 30mins of it all happening. We stayed there till after midnight, then Leo and I headed back to our carvan - which I must say was very scary as was very dark and not many lights! Saturday Morning, We woke up around 10.30 and headed to the local shop and ended up paying £30 for some basic food, ie milk, bread, butter, cheese and ham. (I managed to pack some bits but not alot) and we went back to the caravan, which is where I found the huge infestation of ants! They were all over the kitchen, lounge including the furniture and ceiling, I then noticed they had put a note on the info sheet with check in details, and said about keeping it clean and they may be able to do something if we informed them! - It was impossible to sit down because the place was crawling and they were going onto our skin! - Having made a quick bite and sitting in the bedroom where it seemed ant free, we headed out for a while to the park. I managed to book Leo into the Saturday afternoon archery which I think was about 1pm and cost £8 (which is £3 more than at rockly park) Leo spent half a hour playing mostly on his own - as was just him and another family of 3 playing. In the end leo got a Bradley Archery badge which he loves!
 My mum then arrived and we headed back to the caravan, my mum then saw the infested carvan and was not happy, so she took us up to the reception to complain, she ended up having to talk to the security Gard called Johnathan who then managed to move us into a cottage. - Having not stayed in the cottages before but seen them on the Haven website, I would say that this is the best accommodation to stay in. Even though moving to the cottages meant we were even more further from the park, and right next to a church - which made it even more scary walking home, the whole layout and feel of the cottages where much better for a large family, Meaning that there was more space, you were able to relax and it felt more of a holiday home, ideal for the longer holidays.



 The Cottage was very well decorated, had bed lining and a nice bath with over head shower - only thing is with people unable to step into the bath, they may be unable to wash. There was nice wooden doors, and beams- It looked to be a converted stables with about 6 cottages. There is parking and a picnic bench outside. Also it is a short distance from a shop and fish and chips (off site) - You are located just outside the gates to Weymouth Bay, with small cottages of residential across the road - Its all very private looking! - Have seen these for about £300- £500 for the weekend which is a great price!

We enjoyed a rather, expensive pappa johns from the show bar, which they cooked it all fresh in about 15mins, however Leo did not like the margarita as he could not taste the tomato sauce, which did seem to be lacking. - Which is a shame.

We enjoyed some of the shows while there, but didnt see too many because Leo and my friends kids preferred playing outside in the dark, even after 10pm - 12pm , which meant us mummy's and daddy could sit under the warm heated lamp outside and keep a eye on them, while having a drink. It was a shame the food finished in the bar early (by 9) because we would of loved some food while sitting out there other than the pizza.

Over the next few days, I enjoyed some time in the swimming poole and the Crazy river  - which is a mini water poole, like a river with jets that push the water and you along - this is outside. With the weather being so nice, it was nice to get into the warm water and be pulled along by the floats or without as there was not enough to go around. It also enabled those who were not swimming to sit outside and watch, The swimming poole itself was all one depth, making it easy to keep a eye on the kids and not worry about them going into the deep end! Also meant swimmers were not crowded around one end of the pool!

We were able to enjoy the fun inflatables, which was a big bouncy castle water float obstetrical course which meant the boys could run about and have some fun, while I kept out of the water and watched!

I booked Aqua Jets for Leo to enjoy which again was £8 but seeing as the other person did not turn up, he was the only one in the pool, and I was able to take some great pictures (Weymouth Bay allow pictures with permission) 


The weekend was fun and I hardly spent any money in the arcade because Leo was having so much fun playing with the other children watching some of the shows, splashing about it in the pool or hitting the pool table late in the evening!

 I would love to go back to Weymouth Bay, but this time take a look at the sister site SeaView which allows you to use their poole and facility's. Id also love to attend the Sea Life center (Not being able to drive means it costs £8 each way in taxi fair plus entrance fee) - However there is a bus just outside the park entrance so you could easily get a bus to explore Weymouth!

As much as I enjoyed my stay, and I am very impressed with the security gard Johnathen, I am not happy with the indecent of Leo being punched in the face! I asked Leo to inform the security team, because I did not feel happy approaching a child and telling them off for punching, or approaching the parents! (If this happened anywhere else, the child would be asked to leave or parents informed) - However this was not the case, the security spoke to the child and told all the kids to play on opposite sides of the play area. (Leo and his friends were playing man hunt, Leo ran past this other kid, and stopped to look for his friend which my friends child, then this "horrible" child, punched him in the nose between the eyes) - This should of been delt with, and I feel it was NOT!

I wrote a complaint on the paper, along with my number and caravan number (this happened on friday arrival night! ) Saturday when asked at reception about it about 11am, was told they would get the security manager to call me! - Again never happened, nor have i had a call in the week after the holiday! - Which too me is not good enough!

If your reading this Haven - Then hope you can do more about this behavior - at least take the child to the parents and inform them there child his hurting others! - this child was un supervised and in your t+c children should be at all times!

Also - if your looking for any more bloggers to review your parks, please keep me in mind!

Click here to view Haven's website and get your holiday Now!

Dea London Full Figure Fashion Week

Dea London
Dea London are showcasing their SS15 collection at the Fuller Figure Fashion Week , New York.

  They would love to see you there.  See below for the press and showcase dates.
Tuesday 17th June  12pm - 2pm : Press/Buyers Reception
Friday 20th June - 7 pm – 10 pm: Indie Designer Showcase
 Dea London Overview:
Dea /ˈde.a/ Latin for Goddess.

Timeless and Elegant Dea London is a chic curvy women’s designer brand based in the United Kingdom.

Designer Jelena Fehmi

Headed up by designer Jelena Fehmi who has worked with Biba, Marchesa, Frost French, Aquascutum, Victoria Beckham, and Kanye West.  Jelenas gowns  have appeared on such celebrities as Renee Zellweger, Penelope Cruz,  Claudia Schiffer, and Sharon Rooney.  Her haute couture approach, allied to a talent for bespoke design that works for fuller figures has led to her own brand, “Dea London”, a line of elegant fashion clothing that gives women the look they desire.

The Dea London collections feature a range of classic, sophisticated wear designed to empower confident plus-size women in sizes 16 - 26.  Dea are different to many other curvy brands, in that they only use Quality fabrics made in the same mills ( Italy, UK, Germany) that  top UK fashion brands such as Victoria Beckham utilise. This has ensured that they are able to maintain high standards resulting in gorgeous fabrics that feel luxurious to the skin.

The Spring Summer 15 collection is full of beautifully classic pieces offering a fine balance between flats and pleats that create a fluid flowing movement when walking. Dea’s summer dresses come in a variety of original cup sleeves which are a signature of their SS15 collection.  The new range ‘s color pallet is based on a traditional black and white, incorporated with lime green and pink creating a very  fresh and highly desirable summer office collection..

 Dea London has its own boutique based in East London UK alongside an online e-boutique.

Click here  - for the Dea London SS14 Look Book
Click here  - for the Dea London AW14 Look book.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sand Beach Stamps! - Fun things to do this summer!

Living near the Beach here in the Uk, and having them voted best beach's - Lots of people seem to want to spend the hot days doing nothing sitting on the beach.

Having a son with a rare skin condition and not being able to go out and enjoy the sun, when its out and about can be hard, But we make the most of it when we can, with careful planning!

I have seen over the internet a website about Beach Stamps Which look fun, and we seem to be lacking here in the Uk. With just the normal bucket and spade on offer! These look super fun and your able to buy Nationwide!

So I thought I would do a blog about it! -   parents are able to buy from RED ROOSTER TOY COMPANY!

They offer a fun range of Stamps which you can make lots of pictures from! -

New Beach STAMPS will be available at retail nationwide in April 2014. For information and sales orders, please call the company’s toll-free customer service number: 1-800-624-1526.

Beach STAMPS launches with seven theme packs featuring 6-8 stamps in a rainbow of bright colors, along with a larger 15-stamp Variety pack. The seven themes include: Fantasy, Cowboy, Space, Interactive, Animals, and Fun Shapes. Pricing is $12.95 each theme pack, and $15.95 for the Variety pack. 

Free Graze Box for New Customers!

Graze was started by 7 friends with a passion for food who wanted to get more out of their snacking. Six years on they’re still creating delicious new snacks – everything from flapjacks and brownies through to nuts, omega-3 rich seeds and beef jerky. You can choose from 100+ tasty treats and get your hand-picked snack box delivered to your home or work for free.

Free Graze Box

Clarins UK SALE - Coming SOON!

Clarins, Clarins Sale Preview
If like me, You are a huge fan of Luxury, well made Beauty Items then you will be please to know that Clarin's are soon to have a huge UK Sale!

Register Now and be the first to hear about it!

Clarins, Clarins Sale Preview

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

GO Henry - Kids Pre Paid Card - Get £10 using my code!

Some of you may remember that in 2012 I did a review on a website called PKTMNY (see blog here) - Well now they are called Go Henry!

They still offer the same as the PKTMNY Did but has just changed its name, It still allows-

  • Pre Paid card which can be used in cash machines, shops and online
  • Set amount for pocket money each week
  • Set Task's for your child to earn the pocket money weekly
  • Able to control, how much your child can spend
  • Able to control usage in cash machines, online and in store 
  • Use a Mobile App or Computer to control your childs account
  • See How much and where your child is spending money
  • Block children from withdrawing funds, or set limits to spend. 

Whats more If you Sign up to a Go Henry account using 10524 Your child will get £10 Free!

Get £10 for each friend who joins goHenry and we'll reward them with £10 of starter pocket money too
  • Introduce us to your friends and for each friend that signs up for a goHenry account we will add £10 to your account and give them £10 starter pocket money to get them going.

Click here to go to the GO HENRY WEBSITE