Sunday, 13 April 2014

Uggs Classic Day Out Blogger Comp!

Uggs Australia are currently offering Blogger the chance to win a day out on them plus a pair of adult Uggs and childrens Uggs for £300.

My Ideal day would be a trip and stay in LegoLand Windsor, In order to test the Uggs out to the full potential and also show them off a little. Who doesn't want to wear Ugg's to the hottest coolest place to hang out with kids in the Uk (In my view)? I have never been before, and I have never been able to afford the luxurious looking Uggs, So winning this comp would be a double wammy!
Kids Maple £90 click here to buy

So what shoes would I get?

This Maple shoe looks amazing and would suit any child. This is especially good for leo who is 9 this year, and has a huge size 4 feet, which any time soon is out of the little kiddie shoes and into big grown up shoes so needs to get used to older looking shoes, these would be a great start!
Classic mini Lace £140 click here to buy

 For me these amazing pink Classic mini lace boots, which lets face it would look amazing on anyone's feet and super stylish this summer!

We would wear them,On the train to Legoland showing off my feet as much as possible making sure people know im wearing UGG's! Once I get to legoland show the ugg's around the Legoland hotel making sure they love it just as much as I do.. The we will check out the rides, take a dive on the Atlantis submarine, shrinking to size in the Miniland, walking the plank in pirate shores and become a knight and princess for the day in the knights kingdom. Too relax we will let our lovely shoes relax in the locker while we check out the swimming pool!

The ugg's will have a full, fun time exploring with us, and we would love to take them and you with us, by tweeting and posting pictures form our adventure!

Are you a blogger click here to find out more!

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