Monday, 24 March 2014

Bonmarche Swimming Costumes and Review

Im going to confess I have been a shopper in Bonmarche for a while now, However many think that its for older women even Bonmarche themselves say they are for over 50's "BonmarchĂ© is the UK’s largest womenswear value retailer catering for women over 50 years. We pride ourselves on offering quality clothing with appropriate styling, great value and in a wide range of sizes, along with outstanding customer service."
I have found that Bonmarche offer a fantastic, affordable alternative to plus size women regardless of age, whats more there fashionable, have many high street stores as well as online shopping and a huge range of products!

With Summer coming up and everyone thinking of their holidays I was sent this swimming costume to review. I feel in love with the  blue leafy swimdress the moment i saw it, it will look amazing by the pool and even feels great when you take a dip. Id personally like it a little longer but this still feels amazing on.

Costs £22 size - 12-26

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Rose Print Swimdress size 12-24 £22 click here to buy

pink spot swimdress size 12-26 £22 click here to buy

    Click here to view the Bonmarche swimwear range

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Back to Nature This Spring

Help your kids engage with nature this spring
Watch our live web TV show with Zoologist and nature writer Jules Howard to find out how you can open your child’s eyes to the world of nature this spring
Show date: Thursday 20th March
Show time:  14:00 

As the nights become longer and the days warmer millions of families around the UK will get off the sofa and of the house to enjoy the great outdoors. But as spring bulbs bloom and new bursts of foliage turn our landscape lush green, how knowledgeable are we about the plants and wildlife around us?
Do you struggle to name a bird when your little one hears a cooing sound coming from a tree in the park and do you find it hard to name the flowers that are coming into bud?  Now is the time to brush up on your knowledge about nature so you can tell your children about the exciting world of plants and wildlife in their own back garden, or the local parks and woodlands.
Join our live WebTV show where Zoologist and nature writer Jules Howard will reveal some interesting facts about nature in Britain and guide you through what to look to out for this spring when you are in the great outdoors. Following a survey  conducted by Cbeebies show Tree Fu Tom which revealed that many parents admit to feeling stumped when put on the spot by their children to identify the name of a plant or tree, now is your chance to swot up.

Click here to go to the Cbeebies website to find out more


Monday, 3 March 2014


I have set up a LegoLand GoFundMe page, as Id love to spoil Leo and be able to take him away.

Having Adhd, being behind socially, emotionally and behaviorally makes it extremely hard to take him anywhere, as he is unable to cope, and has mobility issues.

For many years hes wanted to go to disney land, but that is not a option because 1 we dont have a passport and 2 he will not be able to cope.

Even a train ride to london, or a short holiday at butlins or haven is too much for him, and he has a melt down.

Hes seen many times on the tv about LegoLand, and really wants to go.

Hes 9 this year, so I cant not take him because im worried about how he will be.

However staying in Lego Land will help him, supposed to the day.

Im looking to take him on one of the kids go free dates, and possibly 2 days in hotel - means we can explore as little or as much of the park and then take brakes back at the hotel.

Its a lot of money and I simply can not afford it by myself and being a single mum makes it much harder, which is why I am asking if anyone can simply help us no matter how big or small, it will really mean the world to both Leo and I.

My Go Funding page is - here

Im looking to raise £600 (which is a step towards it) - the cheapest i could see was about £800

Thanks to anyone who helps out.

Money Saving Vouchers/Free Food/Discounts

With a few people feeling the pinch, and lots more watching the show about using coupons, more and more people are asking "why am I paying full price".

A few people have no idea where to start so this will help -

Check out Money Saving Forum - Click here  - The Grabit Now, Comps and freebies forum is the best place to start and find freebies and great deals in most stores and online!

Check out Freebiesiteuk - click here - This site offers your free printable money off coupons for most items!

Check out Hot Deals Freebies - Click Here - Links to all freebies!

Check Out Supersavyme click here - Site offers Monthly coupons which are printable.

Check out Latestfreestuff - click here - Free Printable vouchers, more added when found

You can also find coupons by going on the company's site, they often have vouchers and money off or even trial vocuhers.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lego Show Rescheduled

Luckily I headed over to the Lego Site on 02 to find that The Lego Show has been rescheduled to November due to high demand, and moved to EXCEL in london.

However, what is poor, is that 02 have not sent out a email or phoned me to say that its rescheduled, which means some people may be disappointed and turn up to the 02 to find its not there!  - 02 say they will issue a refund with in 5 working days - but then there is no date as to when it was posted.

I paid for my ticket on the 14th feb and its now 2/3/2014 so fingers crossed we will get a refund soon.

It also says that All tickets will become full entry tickets. :)

click here to view the statement 

click here to buy Lego Show tickets