Friday, 7 February 2014

Review Yours Clothing Onesie!

As you may have read when i saw the Yours Clothing 99p Dress's I ordered one along with some other items.

Well in those items was this amazing Leopard Print Onesie. Off Course the main thing that attracted me was the pink, and the price tag of £25 Bargain.

Iv been wanting to buy a onesie for ages, and having only gotten into a XXL at sainsburys mens wear before, I thought id take the gamble. This really dose beat my SpiderMan onesie! :)

I love the print on this, and also the texture of the fabric. I decided to go a size up in the onesie and I'm glad I did. Worse thing is being in bed with a huge wedgie... Always feared having both a wedgie and a Camel toe at the same time. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Length from: 59" 150cm. Sits to the ankle 
We all know cotton is good for you and breathable which is good because I don't want to wear this to bed and end up with thrush! Not a pretty picture.

As of yet not washed it so hope the colour lasts. Confused which colour to wash this with, so may wash on its own! 

Overall, very comfy, great colours and patten, breath able  and simply fantastic! Going to keep me nice and cosy!

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rating 5/5

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