Monday, 24 February 2014

My SuperMarket App

I heard about this from my Nan of all people - who thought I would love to know about it so I can save some penny's.

My view is while this might be a good app, realistically your not going to go to one store to another to buy all your shopping, your just going to buy it anywhere for any price.

However I know a few people who do shop about and Think there saving money - Until they realise they are paying out more petrol money!

So for your super scrimps wanting to save some pennies for a rainy day My SuperMarket could be the app for you.

This app is FREE, available at Google Play and on the Iphone! 

With 9 of the TOP stores (In my opinion) being on My SuperMarket it means that you can get the best deal from them! Who else finds it annoying paying top price for 6 cans of coke, when you can get them for £1.47 in another? I know I do.

Normally for me, I shop in Waitrose - However having a small Tesco and Sainsbury's up my road opposite helps! I simply shop there too for little items I forget or want to much on during the week!

Currently Sainsbury is offering CapriSun drinks for £1 for 5 - where as this offer is not at Tesco! So I can simply cross the road for the deals!

Now this app, you could pre plan your little trips and save money while your at it!

Have you used this? What do you think?

Click here to view My SuperMarket.

this is my own view, and not a sponsor, just something I thought people might be interested in.

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