Friday, 28 February 2014

Lego Challenge with Carcraft

Carcraft "The country's leading supermarket for used cars" was running a competition for bloggers to win £100 worth of Lego. With the Huge hit from Lego currently being in cinema's - they challenged us to make a movie with one the of set's they very kindly sent us.

Leo picked the Lego City Race Car, which arrived very soon after.

Leo found it hard to make, with his problems and although he tried, he became very frustrated, So after a few days we came back to it, and it ended in me making it, while he played with his other toys.

Once made he was very happy - Although im not 100% sure that it was made correctly. He wanted to make a race track and add in Buzz and TMNT but it didnt work out too well, So we just used Lego and one of his other cars.

We had lots of fun making this, it had its stressful times, and took a week - two too finally get it sorted! - With Leo's Adhd we had to keep coming back to it, along with his other "problems".

click here to view CarCrafts website

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Hut - Macadamia Deep Repair Masque Review

The send me some samples of Macadamia Natural Oil this week , which I could not wait to try, because I have heard great things for the last year or so.

The Macadamia Natural Oil™ line has been created specifically to help those with "problem hair". If you feel that your hair has one or more of the following "problems", The products will become a can't-live-without addition to your daily beauty regimen.
  • -damaged (chemicals, wind, sun)
  • -frizzy
  • -dry
  • -colored, straightened, permed
  • -hard to manage
  • -tangled
  • -dull, lifeless
  • -brittle, not soft, lacking "touchability"
  • -out of control, wild
  • -thick, bushy
The ultra intensive formula is enriched with Macadamia and Argan oils which are incredibly good for your hair. It also contains tea tree and chamomile oils as well as aloe and algae extracts to really give your hair a boost.

I was sent a 15ml sample size of the Deep Repair Masque. However you are able to buy full size Macadamia and travel products from The Hut By clicking here (100ml £10.20 click here for deep hair masque).
 Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque 1000ml

The Repair Masque works best when used on clean, wet hair. The smell of the product is a very nice one, and the conditioner its self felt nice but thicker than most conditioners i had been using which felt watery. I applied the masque by combing through my hair and leaving it for 7mins (maybe a little longer) than stated.

I then washed it out, and could still smell the amazing smell, and my hair felt all shiny - I love it when your hair looks like its sparkling when its wet. I then dried my hair and was amazed how soft and good it looked! This left my hair feeling full of life, bouncy and silky smooth. - Will have to buy some, and use it a few times a week!

rating 5/5

Click here to view the range at The

* I was sent this product to give my full honest review.

Lush - Let the good times roll

Lush’s Let The Good Times Roll fresh cleanser for the face and body is not just for Christmas anymore.

Back by popular demand, this cleanser has become an all year round product and is a treat for the skin. Made with maize flour and polenta to gently exfoliate, and cinnamon powder to stimulate and leave your skin feeling soft. Let The Good Times Roll is topped off with corn oil and popcorn to leave your skin with an irresistible caramel buttery scent and a natural glow.
click to buy £6.35 for 100g 
click to buy £15.87 for 250g 

Back by popular demand, this cleanser has become an all year round product and is a treat for the skin. Made with maize flour and polenta to gently exfoliate, and cinnamon powder to stimulate and leave your skin feeling soft. Let The Good Times Roll is topped off with corn oil and popcorn to leave your skin with an irresistible caramel buttery scent and a natural glow.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

My SuperMarket App

I heard about this from my Nan of all people - who thought I would love to know about it so I can save some penny's.

My view is while this might be a good app, realistically your not going to go to one store to another to buy all your shopping, your just going to buy it anywhere for any price.

However I know a few people who do shop about and Think there saving money - Until they realise they are paying out more petrol money!

So for your super scrimps wanting to save some pennies for a rainy day My SuperMarket could be the app for you.

This app is FREE, available at Google Play and on the Iphone! 

With 9 of the TOP stores (In my opinion) being on My SuperMarket it means that you can get the best deal from them! Who else finds it annoying paying top price for 6 cans of coke, when you can get them for £1.47 in another? I know I do.

Normally for me, I shop in Waitrose - However having a small Tesco and Sainsbury's up my road opposite helps! I simply shop there too for little items I forget or want to much on during the week!

Currently Sainsbury is offering CapriSun drinks for £1 for 5 - where as this offer is not at Tesco! So I can simply cross the road for the deals!

Now this app, you could pre plan your little trips and save money while your at it!

Have you used this? What do you think?

Click here to view My SuperMarket.

this is my own view, and not a sponsor, just something I thought people might be interested in.

The Lego Show - Tickets booked

After seeing a advert on a website, I heard about the Lego Show which is in May 2014 in London.

Not knowing much about it, and the website not giving to much away, I goggled Like you do and saw some info on it from past attendees but Im still not 100% sure what this event is.

However after reading the 02 website - The Venue for the event -

The LEGO® Show is relocating to The O2 in London after two successful years in Manchester. The three day show, which will run from 9 - 11 May, will be the largest LEGO® event in the UK, and is the only show in the country to feature the best LEGO®  fan builders and professional LEGO®  artists.

A great day out for all the family, the show will be packed full of interactive features including workshops with professional brick builders, LEGO® Designers; the Brick marketplace with new and second hand LEGO® products for sale; and amazing displays by LEGO® fans from around the world.  With fantastic themed areas the show aims to inspire and motivate, and allow attendees to immerse themselves in the product and build their own constructions."
I decided to take a gamble! - Some of you may know that Leo is on disability for his many problems, which opens up doors to us, to enable a free carer ticket so for the price of 14.95 and the postage charge I have got us some tickets. 
The women on the 02 booking site, didnt seem to know too much and had to keep putting me on hold but once it was sorted with in 5-10mins , I booked us in. 
From what I could gather from her, there was some kind of Lego show, you also got to spent 2hrs there? Seemed there was set times to attend? 
If anyone has been to this event before Please can you comment below letting me know more about it?

Friday, 21 February 2014

Nominated in the MAD Blog Awards 2014

I have just found out, I have been Nominated in the Mad Blog Awards 2014 for the MAD Blog Of The Year which is a huge huge shock, because in no way did I think that my blog would be nominated into any category's of the awards.

So YAY.. thanks so much for nominating me, some of you may know, things are all very hetic for me at the moment, and since Christmas things have been a little quite! Fingers crossed things will be up and running again soon, but alot going on, which I will probably share with you in the next few weeks!

Thanks again for Nominating me :)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Butlins Jobs!

Butlins are holding a open audition for Male Vocalists for a new show based on One Direction they are putting together!
The Lucky sussessfulls with tour 3 Butlins Resorts - Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness though out the year, performing to 10 00's of guests each night.

Contracts star mid march and run till november.

Full rehears before the tour.

* All  logistics of travel and accommodation will be looked after by Butlins. Accommodation charges and wages will be discussed if succsessful.

London - Wednesday 26 February 2014

Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley St, London WC2B 5LT

The audition day will start at 10am.

You must be 18 over to apply!

- Please bring along a cv, one direction track and another pop song on CD/IPOD ect.

*Please not this is not atribute act so they are not looking for look a likes but putting together a talented group who can sing and move.

For more details, email
give us a call on
(01442) 203015

We are also still on the look out for
talented team to join our team for the
Summer of 2014. If you are over 18 and would
be interested in joining our Entertainments
team then just email:
Animation Team
Stage Crew
Stage Managers
Just drop us an e-mail and title your e-mail

 view advert here

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Yours Clothing Heart Pants Review



During my shop which i told you about on this blog here - click to view 

I feel in love with these amazing Heart pink Panties! - I could not stop without getting them and with the spicy vday coming up I just new I had to get them, even as a treat to myself! 

Being a Plus size 28-30 its hard to find any underwear thats fun and not old looking! So I love the range that YOURS Clothing has to offer - Yours if your reading this Id love to be sent some more items to review- not just underwear :)

Friday, 7 February 2014

Review Yours Clothing Onesie!

As you may have read when i saw the Yours Clothing 99p Dress's I ordered one along with some other items.

Well in those items was this amazing Leopard Print Onesie. Off Course the main thing that attracted me was the pink, and the price tag of £25 Bargain.

Iv been wanting to buy a onesie for ages, and having only gotten into a XXL at sainsburys mens wear before, I thought id take the gamble. This really dose beat my SpiderMan onesie! :)

I love the print on this, and also the texture of the fabric. I decided to go a size up in the onesie and I'm glad I did. Worse thing is being in bed with a huge wedgie... Always feared having both a wedgie and a Camel toe at the same time. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Length from: 59" 150cm. Sits to the ankle 
We all know cotton is good for you and breathable which is good because I don't want to wear this to bed and end up with thrush! Not a pretty picture.

As of yet not washed it so hope the colour lasts. Confused which colour to wash this with, so may wash on its own! 

Overall, very comfy, great colours and patten, breath able  and simply fantastic! Going to keep me nice and cosy!

Click here to buy

rating 5/5

Thursday, 6 February 2014

JDHARRIS Toe Stretchers

toe stetcher bath

 I was sent these JdHarris Toe Stretchers, which are fantastic and one size fits all!

Adults have problems in the form of bunions, high/low arches and general pain and difficulty with their feet. Many of these problems are caused by the muscles, ligaments from your feet stiffening and bunching up, which means that your posture is normally affected.
Toe Stretchers are simple gel-filled bags which fit between your toes and work the toes apart to stretch the muscles of your feet.

Toe Stretchers Benefits:

  • Increased balance, “sure-footedness”, joint range, co-ordination.
  • Decreased foot pain.
  • Restore the natural vibrancy and bounce of healthy athletic feet.
  • Correct bone/tissue/cartilage misalignments.
  • Improving posture, foot reaction time, stamina.
And Toe Stretchers help treat the following conditions:
  • Foot Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Bunions
  • Hammer Toe
  • Achilles Tendon
  • Arches
  • Plantar Fascia problems
  • Varicose Veins
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

These Toe Stechers come in there own handy waterproof bag which makes it easy to take them anywhere!

toe stretchers bag

I really love this product and it has all ready got alot of uses's, I love to wear mine in the bath or while im watching a film!

Rating 4.5/5

* I was sent these to give a honest review

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yours Clothing Super 99p Dress's

I found a amazing deal from reading The Not So Secret Diary Of A Wanna Be Princess , and Boy this one really is a GET IT NOW moment!

I had been eyeing up this black bodycon dress for a while now, but not bought it, and I was saying just yesterday to my mum I wanted to get a onesie.. Well Iv now spent and bought a little more than I should.. All because of the silly 99p Bodycon dress at Yours Clothing!

I happened to buy the onesie, along with 2 pairs of leggings, a pair of heart knickers a cardi and off course the 99p dress!! 

I also found a discount code and got NEXT DAY postage :)

Also remember you can collect Nectar points with Yours Clothing, If you go though the Nectar Site ( Add items you want to your basket, close the page, then click via nectar and it should all be there ready to pay and collect points!) 

TIP - Great little treat for the Girlfriend, Wife ect this valentines day! ;) 

*This post is not sponsored, its posted because I think this 99p offer is worth looking at for you plus lady's! 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Disney Infinity Toys R Us 3 4 2

Buy 2, Get 3rd Free on Disney Infinity Single Figures at Toys R Us

You can currently get 3 4 2 on Disney Infinity Toys in Toys R us. This includes the new ones, even the much loved Anna and Elsa from Frozen!

This deal is great if you reward your child weekly like I do, as I can get them cheapy then pay out full price!

Click here to view!

Uk Data Base for child abusers and peds.

Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers
Finally after years there is a Uk website for child abusers and pedophiles. Not only does it list names but also where they are/where from.

Please remember that this is only a list of people who have been caught, also that any person on this list, is likely to have a new name and a new address.

Your able to search the site using your local region.

Hope it helps.