Friday, 27 December 2013

Beauty Box's Just In Time

I was sent a email about these lovely Beauty Box's which are fantastic to keep make up, nails, jewellery or anything in. This is a great time to post this as everyone will be looking for storage solutions -

Catch Up.

Hope you all enjoyed a fantastic Christmas! - I just saw my TOTS100 score is at 390 this month!

Thanks very one who has made that possible, its lovely to see that my posts are getting a few more readers than normal so thanks a bunch!

Have you got anything you would love to know about??

Leo and I have been ill over Christmas, Leo currently has croup so is on steroids, and I have some mystery illness, which gives you a temp makes your freezing one min and cooking the next, while making your voice vanish and though in a few coughs... However no runny nose sickness ect.. Apparently this new virus has hit a few people this xmas, so other than being bed bound in my mums extremely comfy bed, and last night I finally felt well enough to go to the comfy sofa, and managed to sleep the best I had in days.

I am hoping I am on the mend, so i can look forward to my babysitting duties on new years eve :)

Also so i can go back to my £1000 bed at home, and a new hot water tank!

As im sitting here, on the extremely comfy sofa at my mums, and leos is playing with all his xmas gifts, I am listing to Mariah Carey - Merry  Christmas 11 you. - Because i love it so much the full album is below! - Just makes me want to get up and boogy!

I have a few posts I need to get up, I have been neglecting my blog because of my illness. So will try get as much done and live as possible!