Thursday, 12 December 2013

Light Bulbles

I was sent a email about a fantastic competition where you can use your old light bulbs and turn then into a amazing xmas decoration and whats more you can win a £100 gift card!

Click here to see!

LightBulbs-Direct launches new ‘Light Bulbles’ Xmas Crafting Competition!

Want to add a little extra Christmas sparkle to your home this year?

With our new competition in the lead-up to Christmas, LightBulbs-Direct is offering you
 the chance to redecorate old and plain light bulbs into exciting new Christmas
 ‘light bulble’ baubles, with the added bonus of being able to win a £100 gift card prize!
The entries can be decorated using any original or festive crafting materials,
and can be hung from the tree,
arranged in an artful display, or displayed however you wish!
So if you’re a crafty blogger, or if you just fancy trying your hand at decorating
some old lightbulbs,
we’d be thrilled for you to take The competition winners will receive gift card prizes, with:
  • £100 for the winner
  • £50 for second place and
  • £25 for third place
For the chance to win these great prizes, 
submit a link to your post about the competition and with a photo of your light bulble decoration,
 as well as your name and contact email address, 
between 27th November and 26th December 2013.  
For more details please see: - the full competition details, terms and conditions.

Good luck, and happy crafting!

Boots Product Recall

One of the Readers of Mummy Vs Work, contacted them about a product recall, thought i better share incase someone else had one of the products!