Monday, 16 December 2013

Nails - Just a treat for me.

I went to get my nails done yesterday, it was a spare of the moment idea.

I have had so called GEL nails before - probably about a year or so ago now, I had to stop wearing them, as i was working in a school.

Before I was going to a fantastic saloon in town, who did them pretty cheaply, but we new wasnt really gel as with gel your sitting under a uv lamp for a while.

After a hospital appointment and a short while window shopping in town, i left and got off the bus near my sons school around 1.30 - not haveing to pick him up till 3.20 i was wondering what to do with myself. sit in the cold in the park, look around the 2 charity shops very very slowly, get a drink in the cafe. No .. i opted to test out the local nail bar.

Heading in with my cash, i walked in the quite store, where the chinese couple where eating lunch, talk about feeling akward.

After i was told to pick a colour or glitter, i was set about working on, i picked a purply pinky glitter to start then opted for a coral one insted.

As the man started working on

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