Tuesday, 3 December 2013

American Fried Chicken and Pizza Poole - Rant!

I just tried to order some food from American Fried Chicken and Pizza in Poole, which is some food i had tried before while at my mums. I very much enjoyed the food, and wanted to get some food tonight 3/12/2013 at 4.42pm.

Having looked online and saw they deliver up to 3miles, I couldn't wait for my food order as i am 2.7miles away from them. Having gave my address, and food order, i was then ready to pay card in hand. To then get told by the women, that the boss had said no. Although i was within the 3 miles, so there for able to get a delivery, as advertised the boss said " At this time it was not possible, due to other calls and delivery's which will come in" .I then hitted face book and got this message back -

Now I am pretty pissed of a rightly so. They had my address at the start of the order, so why not tell me before? Also why advertise that you deliver up to 3miles, then refuse! Yes i have a company across the road from me, but i dont want to eat there, I wanted to pay to eat from you!

I suggest you change your delivery range, so you do not let down and loss more customers!

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